#TBT to a Gorgeous Winter Wedding with O! (A few snow storms ago!)

Well hello!!

I am SO excited to share some photos from a simply lovely winter wedding set at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA! Leading the charge was the very talented Nancy Stanley (check her out here !! ). For a few years now Nancy and I have been working together and I was so honored to second shoot for her on this big day!

AJ & Stephanie tied the knot on February 8th and on that day it was a snowy, winter wonderland.

Peachwedding208 Peachwedding207 Peachwedding206


A bouquet with Calla lilies and white and purple roses

Peachwedding217 Peachwedding176 Peachwedding178

Peachwedding218 Peachwedding184

Peachwedding017 copy

(I am stating the obvious here, but the groom’s face is heart wrenchingly adorable)

peach1 Peachwedding028 Peachwedding035Peachwedding027Peachwedding089Peachwedding052Peachwedding097Peachwedding201



Looking out at the snow covered Salem Common

Peachwedding105 Peachwedding101Peachwedding099Peachwedding155

Peachwedding129 Peachwedding135Peachwedding122



I’ve never been surrounded by two people so in love, and with the most photogenic and hilarious group of family and friends there could be!

There was no shortage of smiles, tears, laughter and joy (pretty much all the good stuff you want at a wedding).

I couldn’t be happier for this beautiful couple! Wishing them a forever of endless love and happiness ❤

With love,

O xo

#TBT to the first ever union of K+O

It’s another Thursday, which means it’s time to reflect on another past shoot for a #TBT! This week, it also means it’s #twinthursday 🙂

While we were trying to decide which photoshoot to throw back this week, we realized quickly that we needed to write this one for one reason in particular. Okay, maybe two.

1. This mother of two absolutely adorable boys is a huge reason we decided to become K+O Photo!

2. Henry and Jack are just too cute not to share.

Thanks KB for bringing us together 3 years ago through our “day jobs” and getting us together to photograph your family for the first time ever as a photography team duo!

Check out how adorable Henry and Jack are together. Seriously, we can’t get enough of them:

DSC_9173 DSC_9178 DSC_9195

Mom & Dad had the most hilarious and precious idea in the history of all holiday card photos. Check it out yourself and you’ll see what we mean!



Beep Beep! Check out the boys’ wheels and how their “6 wheel drive” does in a fake snow storm:

DSC_9312 DSC_9321 DSC_9334
DSC_9322 DSC_9336 DSC_9339-2

These were our favorites of the whole family!

DSC_9366 DSC_9356 DSC_9374 DSC_9367 DSC_9408I guess K+O just had so much fun with the Bucchere family that we must have decided right then and there…we want to do this together all the time! Thanks again to our favorite first clients ever!

Until next Thursday,


#TBT to K’s first engagement shoot EVER

We’re starting a new Thursday tradition so we can share some of our past photo sessions with you all!

This Thursday we start with a throwback to K’s very first engagement session EVER!

Kelly & Bryan are probably the biggest reason I am where I am today. They were the first to print one of my photographs on canvas and put it on their wall to display. Sure, mom has been printing my photos and displaying them in our house for years, but… CANVAS? I felt like a celebrity or something. I hadn’t even had my first DSLR for more than 24 hours when I took that shot, too! They have recommended me to numerous folks, and last but not least…they took a chance and let me take their engagement photos. I had never done anything like it before, but they believed in me and gave me all the confidence in world!

Check out some of my favorites from my very first engagement session with this adorable soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.! First, we started by strolling along the streets of the charming seaside town of Newburyport.






DSC_8144DSC_8155Before grabbing lunch, we stopped at a cute local ice cream shop to cool down! You can’t tell from how perfect these two look in these photos, but that day was one of the most hot and humid of the whole summer.



Time for a change of scenery…off to beautiful Plum Island for some marshland and sand!



Now for my favorite part of the shoot…the beach! Perfect light, perfect subjects.


DSC_8586DSC_8594DSC_8635 DSC_8638





I can’t thank these two enough for letting me photograph their love for a full afternoon. Good thing they’re also the most patient and photogenic people I know!

Stay tuned for next week’s #TBT to see some more photos of blasts from the past!



5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Have an Engagement Shoot

So, you just got engaged! YAY! – you are thrilledexhilaratedon cloud 9 even! ….. You might also 
be feeling just slightly overwhelmed. Weddings are EXPENSIVE! Trust me, I know! I just got married myself a few months ago. Once you start to get down to the planning, the first question any vendor will ask you is: “What is your budget?”

Ugh. I hated that question. My budget? Mmmm…I don’t know! It is one of the most difficult things to accurately project – especially if you’re math-challenged like I am!

Unless you are heiress to a hotel chain and money is no object, you’re probably going to try and cut some corners on things. One thing I decided not to skimp on, were photos. They were very important to me – I wanted to be able to remember all the details of my wedding and happily look back rather than be mad that the photos were bad or that there just weren’t enough.

I also decided to include an engagement session in my package — yes, I could have saved money by skipping but I’m so happy with them. Here is why I would absolutely recommend having an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer:

#1. The memory! You are only engaged once! Once the planning is done and the wedding day is here you can never go back to this time in your life. It’s hard to replicate the feeling of being engaged. You should absolutely have some photos taken to relive this incredibly happy/crazy time in you and your fiancé’s life!


#2. They make fun save the dates – If you are planning on sending save the date’s – they are always so much better and more personal with engagement photos. I have hoarded all the save the dates that I receive with pictures, but (confession time) I wind up throwing away the less personal photo-less ones.


#3. You can get more comfortable in front of the camera  – Maybe you are comfy in front of the camera but your sweetie is shy? Maybe you don’t know how you’ll react since you’ve never been in front of the camera! This is a great time to find out how it’s going to go. A good photographer will be able to help you feel at ease if you’re uncomfortable and get you out of your shell. (I thought my fiancé was going to be completely uncomfortable and awkward but he surprised me! By the end he was suggesting other locations to go!)

Lightroom (DSC_5199.NEF and 2 others)-2

#4. They make great decorations at your wedding – About a week before my wedding it occurred to me that I did NOT have enough decor for my cocktail hour. AH! Panic ensued, but luckily I remembered my engagement photos! I’ve seen couples do a lot of beautiful and interesting things – I printed a few pictures, tacked them behind an old vintage window and had it by the entrance and guest book. You can also print a few and have them scattered about in interesting places! They will give your guests things to look at/ talk about during the cocktail hour.


#5. It gives you a chance to get to know your photographer  – Maybe your photographer was recommended to you by your venue, maybe a friend referred him or her. Maybe their work is amazing – regardless of how or who  you are working with it’s always good to have a trial run – (just like anything else with your wedding day, your makeup artist, hairdresser, cake tasting) take your photographer for a trial run! Maybe you’ll find out after your shoot that they didn’t give you enough direction, or gave you too much direction, didn’t make you feel comfortable? Maybe you find out that they are exactly what you were hoping for! Whatever the case may be, it’s always better to find out BEFORE the big day than on it, when it’s too late.


Do you have any other reasons you were glad you had an engagement shoot before your wedding? Share away!

Until next time,



The winner of the first ever K+O Photo Giveaway!

After 30 entries from all your likes, shares, love and support…it’s time to pick a winner!

Thanks to all our friends, family and new friends on Instagram and Facebook for entering and spreading the word!

The very first K+O Photo Giveaway contest winner is the one and only @vivigiselle!


Vivian we are so excited to get together and have fun taking photos of your beautiful face!

Stay tuned for a future giveaway contest from K+O! This was way too much fun not to do again!

Thanks all for a great start to 2015!



THE big deal of 2015

We’ve been to and photographed enough weddings and events to know that you should never send your guests home empty handed. So, as a big gigantic THANK YOU for joining us in this celebration and supporting us throughout this upcoming year, we’re giving away a free photo shoot of your choice!

The Prize:

An hour photo shoot with K+O Photo in 2015.

If you just got engaged…enter to win a free engagement shoot!

Did you or a loved one welcome a newborn into the world this holiday? Let us photograph that bundle of joy!

Do you want an hour’s worth of pictures of your fabulous self just because? Well, we want to to meet you and your fabulous self!

The Details:

Just instagram, tweet, or share this photo on Facebook to enter to win!

For extra entries, like our Facebook page or Instagram account, too!

We’ll be running the contest starting New Year’s Eve  through the end of the first weekend of this fantastic new year. We will randomly select a winner on Monday January 5th!


To Enter:

Whatever way you choose to share this photo, don’t forget to hashtag #kplusogiveaway so we can find your contest  entry! One entry into the raffle per hashtag per social media account. Additional entries for all Facebook and Instagram likes between 12.31 and 01.05.

Do you have someone you’d like to nominate for the shoot instead? Just share the photo with the above hashtag and be sure to tag your friend that you are entering into the contest. If they also like our pages or share this photo, they can get extra entries on top of your nomination!

Last but not least:

 We are based in New England, specifically in Boston. If you’re interested in entering but not within a 1-2 hour drive of Boston, we can happily accommodate you by offering the free shoot anytime in the year of 2015 so you can somehow find a way to visit us here in MA! Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you if you decide to wait until we’re out of the winter months here in New England!

So start sharing, liking and hash tagging so we can see you in the new year!



FB: https://www.facebook.com/kplusophoto

Insta: @kplusophoto

Website (just in case you wanted to check it out!): http://www.kplusophoto.com

New Year, New Us, New Giveaways!

Happy New Year from K+O Photo!

We just know 2015 is going to be the best year yet, and we want to share it and celebrate it with you all!

It’s an especially big year for K and O of K+O Photo because starting Thursday, January 1st of 2015 we are officially going into business together.

We’ve both been taking plenty of photos over the past few years, but this New Year’s we are joining forces to bring what was formally known as Katherine Elsbeth Photography and Olivia Lauren Photography together as one. From this day on, till death do us part, Olivia and Katie will be known as K+O Photo, and we want to invite you all to our wedding celebration!

We’ve pulled out the silly glasses, party poppers and champagne just for the occasion.

Lightroom (DSC_0596.NEF and 1 other)-2Lightroom (DSC_0608.NEF and 1 other)-2 Lightroom (DSC_0622.NEF and 1 other)-2 Three cheers to New Year’s and K+O Photo!

Lightroom (nye2.jpg and 1 other)-3

Lightroom (nye11.jpg and 1 other)-2

If you couldn’t already tell, we are beyond excited to resolve to capture all your best moments of 2015. Here’s to 2015, the best year to come!



P.S. stay tuned tomorrow for some super exciting news about a new K+O giveaway! Start thinking about what you would do with a free hour of time with us to take all the photos you want!