Happy National Proposal Day!

Yes, that’s right friends. It’s a real day. We were surprised to learn of such a thing, too!

In case anyone was wondering, National Proposal Day was made up by a gentleman from Texas whose cousin’s boyfriend took way too long to pop the question. We’re not exactly sure why he decided to make a holiday dedicated to proposals, but we like the reason he chose March 20th! The holiday falls on the first day of spring, the day of the year where both night and day are of equal length (clearly symbolizing compromise in marriage…duh!)

In honor of this fun new holiday we just learned about, we wanted to switch up our normal #tbt posts and bring you a #fbf flashback friday post!

K’s really really really good friends from her days living on the west coast had some friends visiting Boston in October. They flew here all the way from Seattle to spend some quality time on the east coast and….to our soon-to-be bride’s knowledge….get engaged!

We were so excited when K’s friends asked if we would like to creep behind buildings and lamp posts on the Boston Harbor Walk and jump out to photograph the beautiful surprise proposal David planned for Chloe on this trip to New England. Seriously, we were pumped.

Check out this adorable couple and the photos we snapped of them:

Lightroom (DSC_7637.NEF and 2 others)-2 Lightroom (DSC_7670.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7664 Lightroom (DSC_7683.NEF and 1 other)-2 Lightroom (DSC_7689.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7691 Lightroom (DSC_7709.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7745 Lightroom (DSC_7741.NEF and 1 other)-2

DSC_7763 Lightroom (DSC_7763.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7781 Lightroom (DSC_7777.NEF and 1 other)-2


Can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since this magical day! Congrats again, Chloe and David! Thanks for letting us capture your amazing proposal on film so we can celebrate the two of you (and this silly holiday of National Proposal Day!)

Until the next proposal,



P.S. Contact K+O if you have any friends or family plotting a proposal this spring/summer and you want it captured by this Boston photography duo!


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