#TBT to the first ever union of K+O

It’s another Thursday, which means it’s time to reflect on another past shoot for a #TBT! This week, it also means it’s #twinthursday ūüôā

While we were trying to decide which photoshoot to throw back this week, we realized quickly that we needed to write this one for one reason in particular. Okay, maybe two.

1. This mother of two absolutely adorable boys is a huge reason we decided to become K+O Photo!

2. Henry and Jack are just too cute not to share.

Thanks KB for bringing us together 3 years ago through our “day jobs” and getting us together¬†to photograph your family for the first time¬†ever as a photography team duo!

Check out how adorable Henry and Jack are together. Seriously, we can’t get enough of them:

DSC_9173 DSC_9178 DSC_9195

Mom & Dad had the most hilarious and precious idea in the history of all holiday card photos. Check it out yourself and you’ll see what we mean!



Beep Beep! Check out the boys’ wheels and how their “6¬†wheel drive” does in a fake snow storm:

DSC_9312 DSC_9321 DSC_9334
DSC_9322 DSC_9336 DSC_9339-2

These were our favorites of the whole family!

DSC_9366 DSC_9356 DSC_9374 DSC_9367 DSC_9408I guess K+O just had so much fun with the Bucchere family¬†that we must have decided right then and there…we want to do this together all the time!¬†Thanks again to our favorite first clients ever!

Until next Thursday,



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