5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Have an Engagement Shoot

So, you just got engaged! YAY! – you are thrilledexhilaratedon cloud 9 even! ….. You might also 
be feeling just slightly overwhelmed. Weddings are EXPENSIVE! Trust me, I know! I just got married myself a few months ago. Once you start to get down to the planning, the first question any vendor will ask you is: “What is your budget?”

Ugh. I hated that question. My budget? Mmmm…I don’t know! It is one of the most difficult things to accurately project – especially if you’re math-challenged like I am!

Unless you are heiress to a hotel chain and money is no object, you’re probably going to try and cut some corners on things. One thing I decided not to skimp on, were photos. They were very important to me – I wanted to be able to remember all the details of my wedding and happily look back rather than be mad that the photos were bad or that there just weren’t enough.

I also decided to include an engagement session in my package — yes, I could have saved money by skipping but I’m so happy with them. Here is why I would absolutely recommend having an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer:

#1. The memory! You are only engaged once! Once the planning is done and the wedding day is here you can never go back to this time in your life. It’s hard to replicate the feeling of being engaged. You should absolutely have some photos taken to relive this incredibly happy/crazy time in you and your fiancé’s life!


#2. They make fun save the dates – If you are planning on sending save the date’s – they are always so much better and more personal with engagement photos. I have hoarded all the save the dates that I receive with pictures, but (confession time) I wind up throwing away the less personal photo-less ones.


#3. You can get more comfortable in front of the camera  – Maybe you are comfy in front of the camera but your sweetie is shy? Maybe you don’t know how you’ll react since you’ve never been in front of the camera! This is a great time to find out how it’s going to go. A good photographer will be able to help you feel at ease if you’re uncomfortable and get you out of your shell. (I thought my fiancé was going to be completely uncomfortable and awkward but he surprised me! By the end he was suggesting other locations to go!)

Lightroom (DSC_5199.NEF and 2 others)-2

#4. They make great decorations at your wedding – About a week before my wedding it occurred to me that I did NOT have enough decor for my cocktail hour. AH! Panic ensued, but luckily I remembered my engagement photos! I’ve seen couples do a lot of beautiful and interesting things – I printed a few pictures, tacked them behind an old vintage window and had it by the entrance and guest book. You can also print a few and have them scattered about in interesting places! They will give your guests things to look at/ talk about during the cocktail hour.


#5. It gives you a chance to get to know your photographer  – Maybe your photographer was recommended to you by your venue, maybe a friend referred him or her. Maybe their work is amazing – regardless of how or who  you are working with it’s always good to have a trial run – (just like anything else with your wedding day, your makeup artist, hairdresser, cake tasting) take your photographer for a trial run! Maybe you’ll find out after your shoot that they didn’t give you enough direction, or gave you too much direction, didn’t make you feel comfortable? Maybe you find out that they are exactly what you were hoping for! Whatever the case may be, it’s always better to find out BEFORE the big day than on it, when it’s too late.


Do you have any other reasons you were glad you had an engagement shoot before your wedding? Share away!

Until next time,




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