K visits SF

Hi my friends!

It’s been quite a while since we blogged, so sorry for that!

This weekend we thought it might be fun to revive the blog with some photos of K’s recent trip to San Francisco, CA to visit family. Some of our favorite images are from our adventures traveling abroad or visiting family here in the U.S, and we hardly ever share them on our K+O Photo pages.

Here are a few “moody” shots of K’s family & favorite U.S. city. Enjoy!


If you’re ever in the SF area visiting and need some recommendations on food or activities, let us know!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.





Baby Nora: 6 Months

There’s nothing we love more than a good Sunday Snuggles session with one of our favorite families to photograph!

Check out some of the highlights from a Sunday morning we spent with the Greenwoods & little miss 6-month-old Nora a few weeks ago.

P.S. We know we’ve been a little MIA on the blog, but we promise to keep up y’all updated in 2017. Starting with this photoshoot, the first of 2017 for K+O!



K+O (in the) Photo! | Destination Wedding | Riviera Maya, Mexico

Guys, it’s been a crazy wedding season for K+O, and we’re not done yet. 2 more weddings, 2 engagements shoots & a few family sessions left to go!

We promise to post lots more blog posts this winter to highlight all our WONDERFUL brides and grooms of 2016, but we have a bit of a different blog post to share with you today.

We just get back from shooting our first ever destination wedding in Mexico! While we were there, O and I spent some time in front of each other’s cameras instead of behind them for a change! We wanted to remember what it’s like to be a little shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera so that we can help our clients get comfy getting their photos taken by pulling from our own personal experiences and insecurities.

Check out some of the shots below, and look out for some website updates soon!

Stay tuned for more blog posts soon (& maybe even some more photos of us!)



Tim + Emily : St. Thomas Destination Wedding

As we reflect back on 2015 & our first full year joining forces behind our lenses, it only makes sense to share a few blog posts highlighting some of our favorite moments of 2015!

Let’s start by looking back on K’s brother’s wedding in St. Thomas in February:

I wasn’t the photographer for the big day, but I simply could not help myself and just had to capture a few moments of my brother Tim & sister-in-law Emily’s big day. Huge shout out to their actual wedding photographer, Elisha Orin of Elisha Orin Photography, whose images are some of the most phenomenal I have ever seen.

My family stayed at the Sand Dollar Estate for the week, which is where the ceremony & reception took place on the big day.

Here are a few shots of Tim & Emily’s wedding day that made it into the family photo album this past year:







After the gals got their hair and make-up done in the “little sand dollar”, it was time for the festivities to begin over t0 the actual Sand Dollar Estate.







After the beach ceremony, it was time for some cocktails & dinner upstairs



I spent most of the rest of the evening enjoying the company of family, friends and the most beautiful backdrop to a wedding I’ve ever seen. Meagan’s Bay is truly a jaw-dropping. To anyone considering a wedding in St. Thomas, I’d be happy to chat about this venue & the area!

After the sun went down and our bellies were full of delicious food & drink, I brought my camera back out to capture just exactly how much fun this group can have on a dance floor, even through a tropical rainstorm!




Thanks, Tim & Emily, for letting me capture a least a few moments of a truly special day. And also thanks for choosing to get married in such a warm and gorgeous place in the worst winter of Boston’s history!



Andrea + Mauricio Wedding

Andrea and Mauricio celebrated their wedding on a beautiful late September day in Wellesley, Massachusetts at the spectacular Wellesley College Club . Every detail from the beautiful floral hairpieces that Andrea and her bridesmaids wore, to the carefully selected photos of their parents and grandparents that lined the reception hall made this day so truly unique and special. We are SO happy that Andrea and Mauricio invited us to capture their day ❤ Cheers to a long, happy life together!











What’s your dream job?

Once upon a time there lived two identical twin sisters. They were hard-working, incredibly smart, and had a passion for putting together beautiful outfits. They were the best of friends and dreamed of one day owning their own store where girls from all over could shop feminine dresses, flirty tops, and perfectly paired accessories. The twins studied, worked long hours, and never stopped dreaming. At long last their vision became reality and they founded Golden Closet!

Does this sound like a fairy tale? It just so happens to be the reality of Laura and Megan, the faces behind Golden Closet. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two ladies for a little while and was honored when they asked K+O photo to take photos of the both of them for their website! Here are some of my favorites.

Kplusophotogoldencloset9052 goldencloset8 goldencloset2 kplusophotogoldencloset1

kplusophotogoldencloset9113 kplusophotogoldencloset9099 Kplusophotogoldencloset9072


Happy National Proposal Day!

Yes, that’s right friends. It’s a real day. We were surprised to learn of such a thing, too!

In case anyone was wondering, National Proposal Day was made up by a gentleman from Texas whose cousin’s boyfriend took way too long to pop the question. We’re not exactly sure why he decided to make a holiday dedicated to proposals, but we like the reason he chose March 20th! The holiday falls on the first day of spring, the day of the year where both night and day are of equal length (clearly symbolizing compromise in marriage…duh!)

In honor of this fun new holiday we just learned about, we wanted to switch up our normal #tbt posts and bring you a #fbf flashback friday post!

K’s really really really good friends from her days living on the west coast had some friends visiting Boston in October. They flew here all the way from Seattle to spend some quality time on the east coast and….to our soon-to-be bride’s knowledge….get engaged!

We were so excited when K’s friends asked if we would like to creep behind buildings and lamp posts on the Boston Harbor Walk and jump out to photograph the beautiful surprise proposal David planned for Chloe on this trip to New England. Seriously, we were pumped.

Check out this adorable couple and the photos we snapped of them:

Lightroom (DSC_7637.NEF and 2 others)-2 Lightroom (DSC_7670.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7664 Lightroom (DSC_7683.NEF and 1 other)-2 Lightroom (DSC_7689.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7691 Lightroom (DSC_7709.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7745 Lightroom (DSC_7741.NEF and 1 other)-2

DSC_7763 Lightroom (DSC_7763.NEF and 2 others)-2

DSC_7781 Lightroom (DSC_7777.NEF and 1 other)-2


Can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since this magical day! Congrats again, Chloe and David! Thanks for letting us capture your amazing proposal on film so we can celebrate the two of you (and this silly holiday of National Proposal Day!)

Until the next proposal,



P.S. Contact K+O if you have any friends or family plotting a proposal this spring/summer and you want it captured by this Boston photography duo!